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The Parish of Pokolbin (P.O.P) is part of the land title system under which land holdings are registered in NSW. The parish boundaries were established in the 1880’s and the survey into the original portions took place in what is traditionally Pokolbin on the foothills of the Brokenback Range via the Robertson Land Act in 1861. The Hunter Valley is the oldest continuous viticulture area in Australia, dating from 1920 when James Busby and his brother-in-law, William Kelman, planted vines at Kiton, near Branxton.

Plantings then took place along the Hunter River and to the north along the Williams and Patterson Rivers. Selections taken up as part of the Robertson land act introduced viticulture to the P.O.P. with Frederick Albert Wilkinson taking up Oakdale in 1866, part of the Tyrrell property was planted around the same time, however, it was in the parish of Rothbury.

By 1900 the closest thing to a village of Pokolbin had formed at the junction of what is now McDonalds Road and DeBeyers Road, McDonalds Ben Ean had at least seven houses, Pokolbin School, Pokolbin Hall, the Church of England, the Methodist Church and Pokolbin Post Office and later Telephone Exchange. Within a couple of miles stood Mount Pleasant, Draytons Bellevue and Happy Valley, Ivanhoe and Tullochs wineries and many vineyards as well as some other forgotten wineries.

This was the focal point of the Hunter Valley Wine Industry.

In 2010 the Parish of Pokolbin producers joined to create the heritage heart of the Hunter Valley, which combines an exclusive group of small – medium sized family owned wineries, a wide range of accommodation businesses, numerous restaurants and cafes and a variety of experience providers within the Pokolbin sub- region.

Pokolbin – the oldest wine growing region in Australia.


Our Vision

Parish of Pokolbin (POP) has successfully established a fully- integrated wine tourism business model, with a breadth of capabilities from boutique wine production, marketing and distribution. Through the expansion of POP to the Pokolbin Parish Boutique Wine Centre (PPBWC) the POP endeavours to fulfil its mission statement We will contribute towards the future of Hunter Valley Wine Country by inspiration, guidance and marketing of wine and tourism that is strategically focused towards the future of the Parish of Pokolbin through its economic contribution and its promotion of its unique character, lifestyle and heritage.The consortium members pride themselves on producing outstanding and innovative wines for both Australian and international wine consumers. This is reflected in their commitment to quality grape and wine production.

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Where is Parish of Pokolbin?

The wine industry is a key source of employment for the New South Wales region of the Hunter Valley. Located ten (10) kilometres from the town of Cessnock, which is home to over 20,000 people. Tourism and hospitality has become a major source of sustainable income for the citizens of the region.

A bit of history

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